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A place to support and connect with A Cartoonist's Guide to the Bible.

About Us

A Cartoonist's Guide to the Bible is the ongoing project of Rev. Dr. Steve Thomason. Steve is an artist, a pastor, and a teacher and has been illustrating the Bible for preaching and teaching for most of his life. cartoonistbible.com is an ever-expanding library of Steve's visual Bible resources that are available for the world.

The goal of cartoonistbible.com is to create visual resources to study, teach and preach the Bible. We have a public Facebook Group, an expanding email list through the Gumroad store, and a YouTube channel. All of these platforms allow anyone free access to the content and regular updates. If all you want is access to download content, then make sure you are on the mailing list. CLICK HERE to subscribe to the free list.

Why You Should Join Us

Members of the Network will receive the following benefits:

  1. A weekly livestream Bible Study where Steve will walk through the PowerPoint, Image Pack and any commentary associated with the highlighted text for the week. These videos will be archived and available to members on the network.
  2. A Universal Discount Code. Members will get to download EVERYTHING for free.
  3. Access to directly chat with Steve. You might have questions about specific products or Bible passages. Members can direct chat Steve through the network. These communications will get priority.
  4. Community. This is a social network. Members will be able to chat with each other, form groups, and discuss the Bible, preaching, teaching, art, theology and spiritual formation.

A Big Thanks

Thank you for being a part of this community where we can grow deeper in the love of God through the visual study of scripture.